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BFG Ork Fleet - Feb 2017
The lastest (and likely last) addition to my fleet -- a Hulk. Who can resist a portable gravity well with 40 hull points? I can now field a 3000 pt list easily, which is somehow ironic as I no longer have any scumgrods in my vicinity. I have included a key for any organizational fanatics out there. Of course, there is a certain amount of flex around kroozers in Ork fleet organization. The Hammer Klass kroozers I built can represent any kroozer type.
And with this addition I can pack the fleet away and start on some other project.
Octopus (first try)
First attempt at an octopus for my daughter, who is an octopus fanatic. The sculpt has problems (so there will be a second try), but she seems to like him (so he got painted).
Nobz Mob
A few ladz of my nobz mob. I have a full mob of 20 metal nobz with lots of modifications (to which the GD Nob and the one with the biker jacket belong). These were originally skarboyz and then GW changed the rules/fluff. Go figure. I loved the metal nobz, but they were a pain to modify. Still... mohawks. :D
Skarboy with biker jacket
This is a piece I did for a painting competition at my FLGS. There are quite a few mohawks in my Waaagh (including one rainbow mohawk). They just feel so orky to me.


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Richard R Buonanno
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This old man, he played one...

Does anyone read these things?

Well, I do. So if you're here reading this you should ensure yours is done and interesting and I will come along and read it, eventually, if you leave a comment or a fav.

I'm just an old guy with lots of time on his hands. That happens when you reach a certain stage of life. My grandmother painted flowers and landscapes into her 80s. My mom took up painting in her "golden years" as well. I have several of their works hanging on my walls. My father was competent with a pencil as the pin-up girl on his WWII aircraft gunners manual will attest. However, his chosen medium was wood-working in his later years.

So, here I am, in my not-so-later years and I have the time to noodle around with "art". I like small stuff. Something about visualizing the world in miniature appeals to me. Always has, ever since childhood and watching ants trundle in and out of their hills, busy building and cleaning and doing their everyday thing.

I am no artist. I am a hobbyist. And I tend to think of myself as a mechanic more than an artist. I see the wonderfully new and original work here on DA and it astounds and amazes me. And humbles me. Humbles me a lot. But mostly it inspires. And folks here tend to be very encouraging. Which is cool, and useful for someone who is trying to improve their skills or develop new ones.

So, thank you for visiting, and reading, if you're still here. ;) And mostly thank you for posting your wonderful art, and tutorials, and commentary.

Cheers Deviants!

(* in case you missed it, the first line is a song reference to my user id *)


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